M Dabbadie

Hi! My name is M Dabbadie, I use “they/them” pronouns. I am a non-binary multi-media artist based in Malmö, Sweden.

I am a genderqueer activist working on raising awareness and visibility of queer and LGBTQIA+ identities.

I work on several fronts through visual works, texts, music, public speaking, paintings, street art, fanzines and organizing soli-parties and queer safe spaces in the punk and rave scenes.

Instagram: Art and personal: @emptymindcanfillagain Music and DJ project: @mort_moi Genderqueer skate zine: @xemskaters 

Direct contact: contact.m.dabbadie@gmail.com

The queer DIY movements, underground nightlife, absence, craving, grief, my friends and smashing the established norms of patriarchy.

Artists that influence me: Paul Beatriz Preciado, Judith Butler, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Alok Vaid-Menon, Sarah Kane

Working with the community and creating work that’s engaging. Learning new mediums and experimenting.

I was always drawn to create as a medium to express myself, raise issues that I think are important and connect with other people.

I am currently working on and exhibiting a photo series called “All gender is drag” 

“All gender is drag” is a project that uses black and white analog photography as a medium to capture the bodies of my friends and acquaintances. 

This project is not an open casting, but a choice justifying the reality of the bodies present in my entourage as a queer person. These bodies are not extraordinary, they are part of my day-to-day life, they are beautiful, real and touching. The pictures provide the viewer with different body identities – gender is not a binary concept anymore, it is multitudes of intersecting identities, superimposed, altered, reclaimed, performed and deconstructed. The goal being to erase the relevance of assigning a gender to anyone. The project also questions notions of censorship and pre-established standards of beauty. M displays their photos in the street, and in this reclaims the public space usually erasing 

queer, transgender and non-conforming bodies. Passers-by are confronted with raw body images, in their most striking intimacy and vulnerability.