Rudy Loewe

What’s your name and how would you describe what you do, in a short summary?
My name is Rudy Loewe and my pronouns are they/ hen. I am a visual artist primarily working with drawing and printmaking. I use these methods to explore storytelling and discourses surrounding social structures.

Is there a certain topic/issue that you’re especially dedicated to?
I am interested in themes relating to sociopolitical issues. This often includes topics like black histories, racism, gender, sexuality and mental health. I see my work as a way of contributing to conversations or showing in narrative form dynamics already existing in society.

Do you have a speciality?
My primary practice is drawing comics and screen printing. I draw by hand with ink, often then working in Photoshop. But I also see being an arts educator as a vital part of my practice. This means, facilitating workshops, giving lectures and talks, finding different ways to engage with people that break the artist/viewer relationship.

What’s your name on social media?
@RudyLoewe on instagram.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by the legacy of oral histories and storytelling in Afro Caribbean cultures. The way that histories are told and shared is an important element in my work. I love working with archives and libraries and thinking about the different ways knowledge is disseminated. I hope for my work to have a pedagogical aspect to it, so I am often inspired by the types of books I read; books about critical race theory, black histories and queer geographies.

What part of the creative process do you like the best?
I love to draw. Working with my hands is the most satisfying part of the process for me. I love drawing with brush pens and seeing the way the ink transfers to the paper. When I’m screen printing I enjoy it so much because every part of it feels so tactile.

What happens during an ordinary day in your studio?
On an average day, I drink coffee in the morning and procrastinate for at least an hour. Then I spend the majority of the day drawing at my desk, watching crap tv and avoiding all the admin I have to do. Audiobooks and tv shows like Project Runway, really help me when I’m drawing for like 6 hours a day.

How did you discover art?
My parents are artists, so I grew up with my siblings making art. We would all paint together on a giant sheet of paper and display them in the house. As cheesy as it sounds, all I’ve ever wanted to do is have a creative practice. There wasn’t anything else I wanted to do.

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